Peace Partners

Charter for Compassion











Charter for Compassion


provides an umbrella for people


to engage in collaborative


partnerships worldwide. 


Our mission is  to bring to life the


principles articulated in


the  Charter for Compassion 


through concrete practical action


in a myriad of sectors. 





Jo Mooy & Patricia Cockrill - Star Soundings







Prism of Light Vision



The Vision presented itself



as an ethereal diamond-shaped



Prism of Light over a



map of southwestern Florida. 



The Prism outline stretched



65 miles from Holmes



Beach in the North to



Warm Mineral Springs in the



South and  22 miles from



Siesta Key Beach in the West to



Myakka State Park in the East. 



The internal  lines of the Prism



aligned with different spiritual



centers and temples which



existed along a  north-south







Each of the four points in the 



diamond (North,  South, East



and West) were determined to




be locations of  sacred  sites



that were important to the native



people who lived on the land



centuries ago.




Dwij Will - Only Hearts - vision of peace.

Ruth Fishel - Peace activist and author



Through powerful,






inspirational thoughts,



quotes, and affirmations



and inclusion of experiences



and revelations from



her own life, Ruth Fishel



demonstrates that inner



peace can extend to world



peace when enough people



adopt an attitude of



mindfulness and



peacefulness. She says that  when



one carries the  intention to be  mindful and accepting of



each moment, it  spreads the serenity to others,



reverberating peace throughout the universe.



Time for Peace presents a daily guide to inner peace.  



Ruth has written many wonderful books



and this is our favorite since it is



focused on PEACE.  Thank you for offering your



gift of peace to us and to the



world, Ruth. 





Time for Peace



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Peace Maker




Ruth Fishel are




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