Peace Items

Through powerful, stimulating, inspirational thoughts, quotes, and affirmations and inclusion of experiences and revelations from her own life, Ruth Fishel demonstrates that inner peace can extend to world peace when enough people adopt an attitude of mindfulness and peacefulness. She communicates that when one carries the intention to be mindful and accepting of each moment, it spreads the serenity to others, reverberating peace throughout the universe.


Time for Peace presents a daily guide to inner peace. Filled with Fishels inspiring, uplifting reflections on mindful living, this devotional shares the idea that thought, prayer, and meditation can end the horrors of war and bring about peace for all.


Ruth has written many wonderful books and this is our favorite since it focused on PEACE.  Thank you for offering your gift of peace to us and to the world, Ruth.  


Time for Peace available here




Also available from Peace Maker Ruth Fishel are Women's Peace Tee Shirts.  They are attractive and wear well.


Women's Peace Tee Shirt available here